Pioneer DVR-A09

It seems A09 is almost ready for retail release. It should be by now since almost every other manufacturer has already introduced §CAV 16x recording and Pioneer was meant for Minus/Dash, not Plus so should add DVD-R DL, finally. Also 6x DVD-RW or even 8x DVD-RW. 8x DVD+R DL perhaps.

Another good news is Taiyo Yuden is also ready for DL release, starting at 4x. Mitsubishi has 8x DL though.

Don’t ask about sources.

LG will release 4162B in NOV.

i need buy a DL drive.
Im looking for this particular drive , i hope this drive came out as good as 108 or 107 :slight_smile:

Pioneer only released DVR-A08 to become one of the first to release a DVD writer to support 16x DVD+R and 16x DVD-R. It won’t be the same in the DVR-A09. Toshiba-Samsung TSST’s first 16x was TS-H552B which was even more hastily released like the SOHW-1613S and SOHW-1633S from Sony and Lite-On IT and Hitachi-LG HLDS GSA-4160B. A08 and 4160B use Z-CLV 16x making the two the slowest 16x recorders. 1613S and TS-H552B use Mediatek chipset and are very incompatible with 8x DVD media popular for 12x to 16x recording and even with many media officially rated at 16x. None of them is satisfied with each of their first release naturally and it was not their intention to end up that way. Pioneer already A09 ready, though not ready for retail release. LG had something else but just used GSA-4120B which was really for 12x and just to fill the gap between 8x and 16x to match Samsung’s TSST Korea TS-H552B because LG didn’t want to appear too behind Samsung and LG’s answer is 416x where x is a number other than 0. Samsung has Toshiba’s TS-H552A and SD-R5372 already distributed in the retail market since October. Lite-On perhaps has some problems, for example, as to the supply of key components for their next models which is a well-known problem for most Taiwan-based DVD recorder manufacturers except former Acer group’s BenQ thanks to the partnership with Philips.

It would be disappointing if Pioneer again applied Z-CLV for DVR-A09. My guess is that A09 is already in mass-production in China.

Why is that it should be 4162B instead of 4161B? :bigsmile:

I’d like to see DVD+RW 8x in P-CAV starting at 8x and ending at 8x.

It’ll be interesting to see whether there’d be also 4163, 4164, 4165, 4166, and so on since LG and Hitachi said many times about 16x DVD-RAM and the “leadership” in optical storage.

I have no idea, please tell me. :stuck_out_tongue: :iagree:

I really hope there will come a drive from LG which will do 16x DVD±R, 8x DVD±RW, 16x DVD-RAM, 52x CD-r & 32x CD-RW!! :bow: :bow:

I will buy one immediately. :iagree:


Do you know if A09 will be availabe with SATA interface?

if will, only like Plex 712a with 712sa (only bridge SATA-IDE, is it good?)

SATA isnt that necessary, UDMA4 should be enough yet.

Does anyone know if they will release a firmware update for the A08 to support DL DVD-R?

I think they will, and maybe 6xDL :smiley:

I just bought the A08. I really hope they do release a firmware update.

Not for speeds perhaps, but SATA drives are easier to use. SATA drives can be used more externally because a PCI card can have external connectors, it supports hot-plugging, and even 1-meter SATA cables are cheap while much narrower than rounded-type PATA cables.

But I don’t think Pioneer wants to introduce SATA A09 or even SATA A10 or A11 before everyone else goes SATA. SATA for CD writers and DVD writers was first promoted by Philips, Ricoh, Intel, and Microsoft backing DVD+RW. The few companies that introduced SATA optical writers are, including on paper: Plextor, Ricoh, Philips, Lite-On, BenQ, MSI… all DVD+RW supporters. DVD-R/-RW supporters, Pioneer, Toshiba, LG, Samsung, Apple, Hitachi, Matsushita, all haven’t even displayed a sample SATA DVD writer.

A10 and A11 ? Those will be blue-laser-based?

No, I think they’ll be simple DVD still. Pioneer probably has its own series of Blu-ray and HD-DVD products in labs. I have no idea whether Pioneer’s last model will be A09 or A10 or A111. Samsung once released a 16x CD writer, and then 24x, and then 32x… Everytime the latest speed product was released, everybody seemed to imagine it’s yes THE last, ultimate CD writer. But even 40x and 48x were released. And finally 52x. Instead of stopping there, there were 16x, 32x, 48x, 52x “combo” drives. 352B was not the end either. 352F, 352N… different companies have different habits of releasing products based on similar sets of features.

Anyway, I’ll probably get both Pioneer A09 and LG 4163B. Not sure about PX-716A.

Exactly what I think, on the other side other improvements are not to be expected. :wink:

Sata 150 ie sata1 isnt fully hotplugable deendng on your mobo and hdd, NF2 mobos aint nor is maxtors diamondmax9 or maxline ii as these were not native and used pata to sata bridge, so did all makers of hdd apart from seagate which were only true makers native sata, but now new maxtor diamondmax 10 and maxline iii are true stat drives, supporting cmd queue and hotpluging, etc ,etc.

can anyone anwser to this question please? tks

Is there any DL-R disk on the market?
If not, why would they release a f/w for this?

I would prefer DL+R at 8x :wink: Humm, that will be great, just like the smell of bacon.

Looking at Pioneers’ track record, it is very doubtful that they would add new features to an existing model.
If I were you, I would only expect DVD-R DL with A09 or A10.