Pioneer DVR A09-XL installation problem



Hi, my name Darren, I’m definitely THE WOSRT newbie here.

I’ve recently purchased a DVR a09XLB, changed the jumper to slave, conneted on the same bus with my harddrive. The BIOS detected my a09 XL but somehow under the OS, IT WOULD NOT READ ANYTHING.

The system had no problem detecting it, it’s shown up in every software.

But somehow, it does not read any type of discs, CDR, CDRW, DVDR, DVDRW, nothing works.

So I updated the firmware to the latest 1.57, the same problem persist. And even worse, it’s shown up as a normal cd rom, software can detect its presence but does not recognize its maker and model number.

I’ve read earlier in forum of “wickedthistle” 's problem with this A09XL, his problem is similar to mine, but mine seems worse, at least he can read some discs.

I have not yet tried the UDMA 80 conductor method, which I will try tonight.

Can someone plz point me to the right direction? Why would it only work with UDMA 80 conductor, not 40? And why after changing the firmware(I’m sure I got the right one), the system can no longer recognize it anymore?

Thanks guy, please help.

Darren :bow:


Unless most of all other optical drives, the 109/XL has an UDMA4 Host Interface which makes it necessary to connect it to an 80wire IDE cable and run in UDMA4 mode (preferably setup as MASTER).

If you have the drive setup that way and it won’t read anything, then it’s probably a drive failure.


“connected on the same bus with my harddrive” - this is not good.


try setting it up as “master” on your second ide connector,will cause lots of problems set up the way you have it…and an 80 wire cable is a must to sustain transfer rates.



have you already set the drive’s region?
had this in the office some time before with a cheap dvd-rom drive, which did not read anything before setting it’s region…