Pioneer DVR-A09/109 New Firmware v1.57 Released!

Pioneer A09/109 New Firmware v1.57 Released!

For DVR-109

For DVR-A09

It’s Official Firmware.

From:, Korea

[i]Added: Download links from the Pioneer website…

have you tried it yet?

Yes, It works well. This is OFFICIAL firmware version.

But still, Pioneer web pages shows 1.55 as latest version.

thanks for the info :slight_smile:

changelog? anyone knows korean ?

wounder if the 16x media has been fixed i bet it hasent

It’s not even here, but will appear soon. :wink:

Has anyone tested?

I have flashed but nothing to burn.

I have yet burn 3 disc´s and all are ok,i mean the leadout writing is other,i mean it´s faster.

But i can me err.

flashed successfully here to using official flasher however without a changelog I am not sure what I am watching for.

Successfully flashed. Now waitin on a change-log…

Crossing fingers here…

MCC03RG20 (Verbatim 16x DVD-R) gives such outstanding results on the 109 that I’d realy like to use my (huge :wink: ) stock without fearing burning errors…

Only had this damn 109/CAV problem once out of 21 burns, but hey, I paid for each disc and I want to use each and every of these discs! :bigsmile:

Weird i flashed with dvdupdate 9 as i always do it that way, this is 1st FW to act different, it seemed to hang and didnt tell me wait 30secs and then to restary pc. it stayed at a stage for 2mins then it just went back to some message but it worked and im sorted but it found it strange this dont work same as other FW updates.

I am so excited that the new firmware can finally write my +R disc at 8X speed. :slight_smile:

same problem with TYG03 after 7 burns leadout problem is still there.



I was waiting for the changelog hoping to find info on the CAV burning issue being resolved but I guess not. I was going to rush out and get a spindle of these if they were fixed but I guess I will just stick to my TYG02 and YUDEN000T02 as they give me no issues at all.

Now let us just hope a Buffalo version of this comes out so I can try to obtain bitsetting plus rip lock removed making this one hell of a drive.

“same problem with TYG03 after 7 burns leadout problem is still there.”

:a :a :a :a :a

I was using Ritek DVD+R DL discs with F/W v1.55 on my A09XL drive, and got coasters :doh: . I upgraded to F/W v1.57 today and here are the results for an 8GB burn. Not ace, but OK…

still wouldn’t touch them over the Verbatim.

“Not ace, but OK…”

?? :confused: - I wouldn’t call these scans “OK”, to me they’re frighteningly awful… The disc is actually PLAYABLE? I’ can’t believe it! :eek: