Pioneer DVR-A08XL retail $99

Pioneer DVR-A08XL retail $99 (after $30 rebate) at Yes i bought one… silver too :cool:

OEM Pioneer 108’s in Australia here

It’s not the DVR-A08XL though. Is there a difference in the drive? or is it simply the bundle?

I’ve bought stuff online from these guys. They’re alright :slight_smile:
$138 + S&H
Location: Sydney.

I also bought one but had to return it: the full-width and upper-half-height design of the disk-tray faceplate has virtually zero tolerance in fitting in my Dell 400SC’s drive-bay with clearance up top and on the sides for the disk tray to slide out in the open position. (The disk-tray of the OEM version DVR-108 does not have this fancy face-plate and hence does not have this problem).

Also, the player’s digital-audio terminal, which interestingly is not described in the user-manual, has 4 pins rather than 2 pins as in other CD/DVD players I’ve seen. It looks similar to the analog-audio terminal but is smaller. I’m wondering what kind of cable can be used to connect it to the 2-pin digital-audio terminal of the sound-cards.