Pioneer DVR-A08/108 on sale, 4x DVD+R DL and 16x DVD+R SL

Thanks… What about Firewire 800 with a PC Card for use with a FireWire 800 Supported external enclosure and a 16x writer… any thoughts on this?

I mentioned earlier that I think a regular firewire (1394A, firewire 400) will work with a 16X DVD writer, provided that the hard drive on your laptop will keep up. It’s just the USB2 that Jamos and I question, I don’t see a need to purchase an expensive enclosure, unless I’m missing somthing.

Last offer found, german site sell the DVR-108 at 109E. So even if the speed in 16X is little behind a Benq 1600 it s a good good choice because the pionner’s price is 30E lower. :iagree:

<-- for all the Aussies that want the hardware quickly…

And for the A08…

another site for Aussies

Pioneer 108 $162au

Hey, I am going there tomorrow. MSY rocks!!

another Australian site