Pioneer DVR-A07XLA vs Pioneer DVR-107=any differance?



Pioneer DVR-A07XLA vs Pioneer DVR-107=any differance in quality of burning/protections breaking/copying


Pioneer would probably like to convince you that there is, but no, no tangible difference between the two. This is not the drive to get to break copy protections. Look into the Liteon 812s and others for that.


There are hardware differences. This is why the DVR-A07XL kernel and firmware won’t work properly on a DVR-107D


well then which of them should i buy to get better one?


The DVR-A07XL is sold as an improved DVR-A07D.


if then another question do pioneers have bitsetting changing options for dvd+r/+rw?

are there any firmware hacking options for pioneers? dl possibilities ?

anyone ever tested both to see the difference before them

lol dont kill me for asking too many questions