Pioneer DVR-A07XLA / Pioneer DVR-A07XLAB

I already asking about this in aother thread but no one has replied.

These are the drives that seem to have been sold in Japan instead of the 107D but now they are being released worldwide

The pretty looking ones. and in an AD for them it says

"The drives will be different to the OEM versions (new design front, honeycomb chassis & quieter with smarter firmware (adjustable for quiet operation or high performance). "

So having different firmware (according to ad, not pioneer) would that mean any hacks for the 107d would not work with this model?

I"m on the virge of buying the 107d , but as this new one is nearly here, I was thinking of waiting for it, but not if all the firmware mods for the 107d dont’ work. Anyone think the 107d will be phased out and this model take it’s place, and therefore it would be best to get the DVR-A07XLA , as there should be plenty of support for it in the future. Can anyone comment?