Pioneer DVR-A06U and AGP - Is it required

I just bought a Pioneer DVR-A06U for my PC which is a Dell 600SC server with some additions to make my main PC. One addition was an ATI Radeon 7000 PCI (64DDR) graphics card. I do not have an AGP slot to use. The system requirements on the box for the drive specify AGP graphics with 16 MB memory. I will not be doing any screen capture or recording from analog devices so is it necessary?

Thanks for the help in advance. I’ll probably be back.:wink:

SAEANDDTE, welcome to the forum.

To answer your question: you absolutely don’t need any form of AGP card to use your DVD burner. As long as your graphic card supports one of the modes Windows can use, there’s no problem.

In one of my systems (actually, it’s an old system stored in the attic, don’t know why :)), there is a 1MB ISA VGA card, running Windows 95, Nero 4.x and a 4x Philips IDE CDRW drive… works like a charm… :slight_smile: