Pioneer DVR-A05 on nero 5/6

Hey, i’ve got an a05 drive but i’ve been having an issue with cpu usage, the moment after lead-in on either nero 5 or 6, the cpu jumps to 100% and the drive’s buffer oscillates between near 0% ro 99% and my entire system generally slows down, i’ve updated firmware on my drive and motherboard and such, but it has no effect :\

Sounds like DMA is disabled, but it needs to be enabled. Which OS are you using? Let me know, and I’ll give you instructions to enable DMA for your operating system.

eh… i’m on win2k3 but the properties sheet already says:
Current Transfer Mode: Ultra DMA Mode 2
so…yeah :confused:

That’s for your A05, right? Is DMA enabled for all of your drives (other optical and hard drives)?

yeah, it’s the only ide drive i have so i couldn’t have confused it with anything else

my hard drive is getting bloated :frowning:

What are you burning (data, audio, etc), and are you burning DVDs or CDs?

it’s any sort of data transfer to the CD, i haven’t tested burning DVDs, but any transfer, to or from the CD/DVD just rapes my CPU :expressionless:

Wow, that’s strange. It still sounds like a DMA problem, but since your drive has DMA enabled, that doesn’t seem to be the problem. Assuming your other drives are SCSI, do you have the latest drivers and ASPI layer for the SCSI hardware installed?

HDs are SATA and all channels drivers firmware flashroms of everything on my computer were updated trying to fix this, but no luck >.<

Do SATA hard drives have a setting to enable/disable DMA?

not that i can see, but this recorder used to work fine, with the same computer…just it’s doing this now :\