Pioneer DVR-A05 and DVR-105 Flashing Guide/FAQ

I just posted the article Pioneer DVR-A05 and DVR-105 Flashing Guide/FAQ.

One of the issues with
Pioneer DVD-R drives is currently the amount of DVD-R media that is
supported at full speed. As Pioneer wants the best quality burns for consumers

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Man it would be cool if this really works. 2x and 4x certified DVD-R are so hard to find here in the Netherlands. Maybe then I would finally be able to write a DVD-R at 2x for the first time ever. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Goeni, i know for a fact that this works. if you go to this page you will find a new hacked firmware for the DVR-A05/105 that allows you to write 2x, on 1x ritek media… :d:d