Pioneer DVR-A05/-105 4.0x DVD-R / 2.0x DVD-RW

29,800 Japanese Yen is a little under US$250

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As a follow up to Alexnoe’s thread (:slight_smile: ),
Check this out
Looking good!
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Check out :

DVR-A05: 295 Euro
DVR-A04: over 300 Euro

Woah!So much of a price difference? DVD writers here in India are pretty expensive,because of local taxes and all that. An HP 200i DVD+RW was about 20000 rupees, where 1 euro is 45 rupees.
But what could be the reason for such a large difference in Germany?

Snogard uses DVD writing products as “Lockvogelangebot” we call it. No idea what that’s in english…it means they sell some products without making profit, making people believe that everything is cheap there and make profit with other products.

Verbatim 2x DVD-R media is 2,85 Euro per piece in that shop, which is even below USA niveau. On the other hand, 1,80 Euro for Princo is somehow strange…

295 Euro is not what I can call cheap but then considering average income and local tax…

I know a friend studying IT-related things in India. He asked me and others as to whether he needed to bring computer parts (from South Korea) with him since everything looked expensive and hard to get there. Nearly $500 for an HP DVD200i? That’s about the same as what I need to pay in Seoul. HP DVD writers are not price-competitive outside the US market. I haven’t heard of anyone in South Korea and in Japan who actually bought any HP DVD writer.

Ahhh finally a review made by true professionals… I particularly
like the new ‘DVD Error Correction Tests’ with their special
discs, man this is so pro and it gives so many useful informations.

For instance in the first test with an ABEX TDR-821 I learned
that the DVR-A05 can read 48 mm large scratches without
error. Wow, 4.8 cm scratch is more than 6 times the maximum
theoretical limit of the DVD standard !! What a drive !!

And the second test with a TDR-825 is equally impressive :
they read fingerprints from 65 to 75 mm without errors.
Hmm, I wonder what kind of animal has 7.5 cm large
fingerprints… (maybe they used special baboon test discs
for this review or something).

At least I know they did not use the standard test discs,
because these are described on the official ALMEDIO page
and they are completely different from the ones cdrinfo
guys describe.

Definitely one of their best reviews, which perfectly illustrates
the kind of high-quality technical contents you can get at cdrinfo.

The two largest South Korean hardware review sites, and posted Pioneer DVR-A05 reviews in October, but they are only in the Korean language. I have suggested English-language versions for their news, reviews, and forum sections many times but no serious efforts have been made mainly because the main decision makers do not and cannot read English. which I also mentioned in forum at (two pictures inside.)

shows similar results. Now the price has fallen to around 450,000 won from 500,000 won in Seoul (DVR-A04 was for over 600,000 won a few months ago.)

I wish there were at least 10 4x DVD-R media and 10 2x DVD-RW media bundled inside the $250 (Japanese price) box.

Hey Kenshin
Yup. Just because the US IS the largest hardware market in the world,pretty much all products are price-competitive there,unlike in India and the ROK.
But how about Taiwan and Hong Kong? My cousin picked up a Lite-On 522452 from there, and it worked out to 2700 rupees,about 54$ US. Not bad eh?

But hey… on the brighter side,prices of computer components ARE going down here in India. AMD procs… 1800+XP box pack =5300, about 106$, etc etc…
Only things like enthusiast motherboards (Asus has a monopoly here) and video cards (asus again!) are pretty expensive, but even that is beginning to change as companies like Soltek and Gainward are coming in. One example? The Gainward G4-Ti4600 Golden Sample with an IEEE1394 card is about 20000 rupees (400$) while the Asus V8460 Ultra is 34000 rupees (680$!!)!
So in the end i feel it all comes down to competition… heck, my motherboard, a Soltek Sl-75 DRV2 worked out to 5800 rupees while the Asus A7V266e was 9500! Competition… key word eh?

On a side note, which city is your friend studying in?


I forgot which city. New computer hardware products are generally cheaper in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore than in China, India, and South Korea. Cheapest 48x CD writers cost at least $80 in Seoul even now and no 52x at all. :frowning:

More about Pioneer DVR-A05

> For instance in the first test with an ABEX TDR-821 I learned
> that the DVR-A05 can read 48 mm large scratches without
> error. Wow, 4.8 cm scratch is more than 6 times the maximum
> theoretical limit of the DVD standard !! What a drive !!

It seems these morons finally realized (or more likely
someone told them) that their figures were all wrong, so they
changed some of them (without telling their readers, of course).
For instance the scratch performances got suddenly divided by
10 compared to the original page… however, half of the figures
are still wrong, so keep watching the page for new corrections :slight_smile:

Someone I know in Seoul have just bought one for 29,000 Yen in Tokyo yesterday through his friend. I’ll probably have one or two soon, too.

If they ever release another review, then i’ll screenshot it before they fix their errors :wink:

when the 40125w Liteon Burner in March came out i bought it for under 80 €.

And more… 27,799 Yen

DRW-AT5, another Pioneer DVR-A05 OEM, .

Cheap Pioneer DVR-A05 -

More on Pioneer DVR-105 (OEM version of DVR-A05) drives.

27,580 Yen sounds nice.

4x DVD-R for Apple PowerMac G4

Scheduled to arrive in this week according to this