Pioneer DVR-A04: Issues with DVD's



Hi guys, my trusty DVR-A04 recenty stopped working. When I insert a DVD (pressed, -R, or -RW), the drive spends a long time recognize it. I can hear it repeatingly trying to spin it up. Eventually, the green light (indicates reading) turns off with the disc still spining. When I try to access the drive, I get a media not loaded error (even on normal video DVD’s). If I inserted a -R and try to burn something at this point, I get a power calibration error. But the really weird part is that I can get ATIP information.

Otherwise, CD’s of all types work just fine :confused:
It’s using the offical 1.41 firmware. Looking around the forums, it seems other people experiance similar problems?

Any help or suggestions is appreciated!


Clean the drive, your best chance.


Thanks for the advice, but I tried cleaning the drive already but that didn’t help. :frowning:

I’ve ordered a Lite-on LH-20A1P in the meantime.