Pioneer DVR-A04 and Pioneer DVD-ROM

Okay I have a Pioneer 104 dvd-r and it is driving me mad!

I have 2 questions?

what are the settings to get dvd-r’s to read in normal dvd-roms and standalone players coz with my nero i have played with udf versions etc and nothing works it still produces pure shite!

also i’m writting dvd-r’s in gear at the moment which writes the dvd-r’s but the odd file has a crc! it reads fine in the writer tho okay, can someone tell me it is the pioneer reader (106 slot) that is at fault, the media i’m using (CHOICE, WHITE TOP, PRINCO, FWS) or some setting in the software! i have btw got dvd’s that read great, but it seems to be a mine field in comparison to cd-r’s?

It’s the media! Use ADVDInfo or DVDDecryptor or cdrecord-prodvd to read the manufacturer ID.

Use Verbatim, Pioneer, Maxell, Taiyo Yuden, Matsushita or Mitsui media. All others are gambling.

also i take it poor media will always read pretty well in the writer?

The writer can read bad media pretty well, but if you use really really bad media, such as a bad batch of Vivastar, then not even the writer itself will read it…