Pioneer DVR-A04/104 region free patch?

I’m eager to get my outdated firmware v1.20 to the latest v1.40, since it is highly recommended by Pioneer and it also fixes problems with 2x medias? But is there a region free version out there? Am I allowed to ask this kind of questions? if not, forgive me.

Does firmware v1.3.1 already fix the issue?

Of course you are.

See here for many firmwares:

Be careful not to use one intended for a DVR-103

Thanks for the help! Appreciate it. But, there are three variations of v1.40,
v1.40 (RPC-1) Enable Region Free on DVR-A04/104
v1.40 (RPC-1 + Ritek 2x) Enable Ritek media to burn @ 2x on DVR-A04/104
v1.40 (RPC-1 + 2x for all) Enable any media to burn @ 2x on DVR-A04/104

I have bought Verbatim DVD-RW v1.1, it does not say anything about 2x burning but will the (RPC-1 + 2x for all) firmware allow me to burn dvd at 2x speed without making a mess?

It will not restrict you to 1x, but you will have to decide if the media can handle a 2x burn or not.

Thank you dhc014, you are very helpful. I’m currently using Ahead’s InCD v3.5.24 to handle all my RW medias. So far, it appears to not have any kind of writing speed option. So, by installing this 2x patch, does it automatically write at 2x? What happen if my RW media does not support 2x, does InCD still write them at 2x?


i had to downgrade to 1.31 in order to write

x2 on traxdata media

dont know if thats any help