Pioneer DVR-A03 review @ Source Magazin

I just posted the article Pioneer DVR-A03 review @ Source Magazin.

Source Magazine did a review of the Pioneer DVR-A03. This drive can read and burn CD-R, CD-RW and DVD-R: 8X CD-R, 4X CD-RW, 2X DVD-R and 16X CD-ROM and 4X DVD-ROM reader.


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“slightly” out of reach? WTF? who the hell has $750 to blow on a burner!?!?

I had $750 to blow on this one, even more, but it pays itself back, fast ;):wink:

this drive rocks…just wish it came with better software :4

You can get better software. sorta. :slight_smile: And it works with Nero now! I got it for $600. Look on Pricewatch. It’s gr8.

Oh, BTW, the crap about it requiring a test burn isn’t true either. You can turn that off. I don’t know why the reviewers didn’t figure that out. Full DVD in 28 minutes, no problem at all.