Pioneer DVR-710 (DVR-111) for $15 AR plus Shipping

Pioneer DVR-710/DVR-111

hmmm, pretty good deal, I’ll wait for free shipping because shipping is around $8

Thanks negritude, I’m in for one. I’ve been waiting for one in beige, my other 2 are black.

Looks like there all gone already, I hope everybody that wanted one got one.
J& for $44.99 +$6.95 shipping - $20 MIR - $10 Google Checkout savings = $21.94

and at frys the black one is in store at 29 after 15 rebate.

not as good, but close enough if you need a drive now:)

so which 111 bios to use? i’ve seen many different 111 bios’s …basically ending with different character of the alphabet?

Search for Pioneer DVR-710 at Fry’s finds black only for $39.99, and $15 rebate makes it $24.99 plus shipping. Also the Google checkout savings is for new customers only if I’m not mistaken.

well thats
in store its 45 which is why i posted the jr deal, otherwise yes its rather close.

and yes google checkout is for the first use, but its rather easy to get an additional use if you have a friend or family member with gmail.

I’m real happy with the Dangerous Brothers’ 111L 8.29 firmware. :slight_smile:

heh seems nero identifies the drive as an 111d to start with:P
seems you have to go to 111 not 111d, then to 111L 819 then you can flash to the newest 111L 829

good burner. highly recommend it

Actually I’ve found method suggested by link in post #10 is incorrect. It may be done that way but doesn’t have to be. Flash with TDB PIONEER DVR-111L 8.19 as first step is direct and easiest way (fewer steps) since PIONEER DVR-111L 8.19 is frimware that does actual flash to 111L. I found this in some posts on the Pioneer burner forum and confirmed it when I flashed to 111L the second 111D I got.

Has anybody gotten there rebate back on this yet? I was notified a 4 weeks ago that my rebate was received but nothing after that.