Pioneer DVR-710 audio connection help

I just got a Pioneer DVR-710 (a retail 111D) and realized it only has an analog audio output connection, and no digital connector. My previous combo drive which died had a digital output connection which I ran to my SoundBlaster Audigy card and got great sound. Am I stuck with the lower quality analog sound? How do others hook up their Pios for the best sound quality? Fwiw, my mb has on-board sound which I’ve disabled, and there is an analog connector for it that I don’t use. I want the best sound possible, and could use some connection help. Thanks.

i dont use the audio output on my optical drives and i still can hear the audio… , it seems it can go thru the ide cable without issues , if its lower/higher/same quality as the drive’s audio output i dont know , but the quality is just fine

:doh: Well, I’ve found the answer to my own question, which is, we don’t need no stinking audio cable. After doing a little googling, it turns out that with newer players you get digital sound via “digital audio extraction” directly thru the IDE or SAT cable to the main board, so need for either an analog cable or a SPF cable. Live and learn, right?