Pioneer DVR 640h DVD copying

Hello Crew, I hope you are all well. I have just purchased a Pioneer dvd recorder with a 160 gig hard drive and I was hoping to copy all my friends dvd’s but due to some technical dificulties i have been unsuccesful. I was hoping one of the cdfreaks crew would be able to assist me.

Your time is much appreciated.


Your problem is twofold

  1. Legal: it is illegal for you to copy DVD’s that you don’t own.

  2. Technical: Virtually everyone in the civilized world knows that DVD original movie disks are encrypted. So you can’t really believe that you could hook up a stand alone DVD recorder and simply get a copy do you? By the way, it would be called a backup if you paid for and owned the original.

Are you an industry plant phishing for members who are piracy advocates? You will find nobody helps by providing answers for illegal activities on cdf. We exercise our fair use rights to protect our investment in movies we have purchased to own. If you are not phishing, then please limit your questions to non-piracy inquiries.

Thank you for your response, it was never my intention to make anyone feel uneasy about my question as I am definatly not a fisherman, unless I am on a 64ft on the bay with a cold one in my hand. Well as they say, you learn something new everyday so thanks for the lesson, I will sure to remember this for next time.