Pioneer DVR 610

Hi Everybody,

I got this at Fry’s and the model of this drive is DVR 610. What kind of drive is this? It is a 16x DVD-/+R and has the Dual Layer 4x DVD-/+R. Anyone have one of this or have used this? Is this a good drive for DVD-R media TY03?

If not, what drive is great for that type of media?

Let me know soon, cause I would like to return it.

It’s a plain DVR-110D with extra software.

So is this similar to the DVR 110? is it a good drive to burn TY03 DVD-R? If you were to compare this to Plextor PX-716A will this pioneer works just as good as the Plextor?

Thanks Chef for responding

Have a look at the news page of cdfreaks. There is a comparision between those 2 burners linked.
But to be honest, it’s not a good choice comparing those 2 drives…

Check out the 110D and 110 reviews! They should answer your questions about media compatibility and burning results.

If you run DVRFlash with the verbose (-v) option you’d probably find out what drive the 610 really is. A DVR-110D aswell as the DVR-R100 too.
If you can, please post the output also here.

PS.: 610 link:,,2076_4249_277417598,00.html