Pioneer DVR-540H HDD to DVD error

When burning movies and TV programs to DVD from the hard drive of my Pioneer DVR-540H some times it comes up with an error message ‘write error’ stoping the burning altogether, this is particular annoying when using DVD±R discs as it has permanently used most of the disc. It has happened 4 times so far, wasting 4 disc. could someone please tell me what i could do to stop this, or is this a hardware fault that needs a replacement machine?

I got a 720H and I have the same problem.
I get random write errors when I write DVDs from the HDD resulting to
damaged (beyond repair) DVD-Rs and even DVD-RWs!

I tried to find a firmware or whatnot in Pioneer’s website with no luck.
At this point if I get 2 out of 3 DVDs with no problems I am happy… and that’s sad.

It might depend on the media you’re using, so what brand etc are they?

Personally I write to Verbatim DVD-RW & then sort it all out on my PC.

Also besides media you’re using it could be a conflic with the burning software you are using, Try to find a forum on the burning software and maybe they can help you out, good luck

Well, like they say better late than never so I’d like to thank you folks, TimC and Jimbo for your answers.
The problem was indeed the media used, at that time I was using TDKs -R.
After I switched to Philips I never got an error again.