Pioneer DVR 540 set up with TV and NTL Digital?

Got my shiny new Pioneer DVR 540 today, but I can’t set it up :sad:

This is how I have it hooked up to my TV and NTL Digital Box:

  • Aerial in to ‘cable in’ on Digi Box
  • Scart from ‘VCR/Aux’ on Digi Box to ‘AV2 (Input 1/Decoder)’ on DVD
  • Scart from ‘AV1 (RGB) TV’ on DVD to TV
  • RF cable from TV to ‘Antenna Out’ on DVD
  • RF cable from ‘Cable out’ on Digi Box to ‘Antenna In (Digital)’ on DVD

Does that look right?

I have a Philips LCD TV with one EXT in the source menu, that’s the only place the DVD Menu and Digital channels are coming through - so I can’t have both :confused:

I get even more clueless after that. :o The set-up asks me for my postal code, obviously a UK one - but I live in the Republic. I’ve put in the code for Belfast, should that do?

As for all those techy questions the set-up is asking me… :doh:

And when I put a CD and DVD in to the Pioneer both loaded but neither would play…help!!!

I have about 18,000 more questions but I don’t want to over do it :rolleyes:

Any one who can help… :bow:


I’ve just got the DVR440 but I don’t use an external decoder like NTL.

Do you have a normal TV aerial or does everything come thru the NTL box?

On page 16 it refers to the short supplied RF cable cross linking digital out to RF IN. I guess you need this.

The postal code is so that the TV guides can pick up the correct listings for your area.

What’s on the CDs & DVDs? Presumably to are switching to DVD on the controller.

Hi Tim, thanks a million for replying, really appreciate it. I finally got sorted, not entirely sure how (!) but suddenly everything seemed to work! All I have to do now is conquer the mystery that is the set-up for Guideplus…

Thanks again.

Got mine working fine, although I think I prefer the digital guide at the moment.

Once you’ve selected that option it seems to update quite quickly once in standby mode. Not sure how it works with non-UK post codes though.

Hi Tim,

Apparently the advice on Guideplus to Irish folk is to enter UK as country and put in a Northern Ireland postal code, should work then.

Based on that…where am I going wrong with these settings?

Language: English
Country: UK
Postal Code: BT7 1NN
External Receiver 1: NTL Bromley (this, apparently, should work for Ireland)

  • Brand name of external receiver: Pace

  • To which recorder socket is your external receiver connected?
    Is it AV2/L1, L2 or Antenna RF Lead??? I’m clueless! I thought I had it set up on Antenna RF Lead but whichever setting I choose it doesn’t work.



I don’t have an external decoder/receiver but the manual suggests AV2 & the RF cable out of the receiver into the recorders antenna input (P19).

I guess it all depends just what the Pace box has.

Everything sorted, thanks!

Just for info how did you finally set it up?

The best way to configure your Pioneer to your Cable box is to read your cable box manual and they have illustration fro variety of configurations and how to hook these boxes together.