Pioneer DVR-530H won't record

We recently purchased a Pioneer DVR-530H DVD recorder but although it plays DVDs we cannot get it to record either onto DVDR or HDD, from VCR or from our Sky+.

The setup is as follows: we have a TV with 2 Scart sockets- we have one of these connecting directly to our Sky+ box. The other goes to a multiScart socket which then connects to the DVR-530H and also a VCR. Additionally the DVR-530H is connected directly to the Sky+ box.

However, when we attempt to record from either VCR or Sky+ (making sure that we select the correct channel e.g L1, L2 etc. as stated in the manual) the recordings are all blank- nothing is picked up from either device.

We have also tried connecting both the Sky+ and the DVR-530H directly to the TV, but this doesn’t work either.

Given the expense of this equipment I would really appreciate an answer and an idea as to what we need to do, to get this working.

To me, it seems like the DVD recorder has a faulty MPEG2 encoder. Basically, if you can see the picture from the DVD recorder as it records, along with its on-screen info (such as recording time, etc.), then what you see should be what is what is being recorded. :rolleyes:

First, just make sure the Scart leads are connected to the correct sockets on the back of the DVD recorder, i.e. that the TV-Out Scart socket goes to the TV and the other Scart input goes to the VCR or Sky+ receiver. The only time the DVD recorder will prevent you making a recording is if the source contains copy-protection signalling, such as a Sky box office channel or a copy protected tape. However, in this case the recorder will refuse to even start making the recording instead of recording something blank.