Pioneer DVR-320-S : Wont play regular dvd's ? what is going on?

Hey ,

Need a bit of troubleshooting help on this one. I have 2 dvd players :

  1. A cheap Transonic dvd player
  2. Pioneer DVR-320-S

Ok, I bought the Pioneer DVR-320-S to record dvd’s and it does a good job of that. It uses the DVD-R/DVD-RW format. So I start recording dvd’s and have made several. I took a dvd-r i made and put it into the cheap transonic dvd player and it plays fine.

Now here is where the mystery begins. After playing the disc in the Transonic, the dvd player now will not read regular dvd’s such as pal or ntsc. this dvd player will play both formats and worked like a charm for a cheapy. So, I suspected for some reason the dvd-r disc must have done something to the transonic player, but what ? And why ? It makes no sense. So after 2 weeks still trying to get it to play a regular dvd , it still will not play them. It sits there and makes noises like it is trying to read the disc and then gives up.

So today, I put in a normal dvd (star trek: deep space nine season1/ disc 1) and the Pioneer DVR-320-S will not play it. I went through 20 disc at least, all in mint condition, with absolutely no scratches ! And the Pioneer DVR - 320 - S is acting just like the cheap Transonic dvd player. It will sit and load and load and load with no results. It either says cant use disc or some sort of not compatible message.

The weird thing is both players will play a dvd-r disc perfectly but now neither will play a store bought dvd.

Im open to any suggestions and tips. Has anyone experienced this ?

both players will play the dvd-r disc, but neither will play a normal store bought dvd now ! what on earth is going on ? :confused:

dvd-r’s used:

SKC (90 % of the time)
TDK ( 10% of the time)

anyone want to take a shot at this ?

that makes absolutely no sense to me