Pioneer DVR-320-S question


I just purchased the DVR-320-S on my last visit to the states. Now im back home … in Israel and I realized I only have NTSC support and the device is not multi-zone. Is there any type of software upgrade or firmware or whatever I can use in order to convert this device to be multi zone and support PAL dvds as well?

Thank you.

אחי גם אני מישראל…וגר בפנסילבניה שבארה"ב…ולפי דעתי ניתן לשנות את הfirmaware אני כמעט בטוח…רק שאינני זוכר איך…בהצלחה

I already checked… Pioneer is one of the companies of dvd recorders that dont supply any firmware for thier stand alone set-ups. And even if they did, dont think a firmware would be able to upgrade the ability of the board to accept and interput signals of PAL.
So there you have it, after the research ive done, there is no solution, not a good one at least. Im returning the player back. and buying the same one here in Israel for 3 times more.

I was in philly just now, thats where i got the player at, i got family there.
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תודה על העזרה בכל מקרה.

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