Pioneer Dvr-3100 Recorded Playback Problem

:doh:Problem with dvd-rw discs recorded on Pioneer Dvr-3100

I am having problems with playback of dvd-rw discs that are recorded with the machine. Anything that I record starts to skip and jump towards the end of the disc, after about an hour and 20 mins. I’ve changed all of my blank dvd-rw discs from Tdk to Maxell and they still skip.

The recorder will play proper dvds from a shop with no problems and only skips with discs that have been recorded with this machine.

Any ideas what the problem is, could the drive be dying. The drive inside the recorder is a Pioneer Dvr-106-xa.

This recorder was made region free from the place that I bought it from but they have now shut down, could they have bodged the upgrade, Iv’e had a look inside the recorder but cannot seem to find a mod chip attached to the board, could have maybe been a software mod I suppose.

The recorder worked fine when I had it about 18 months ago.

Any ideas what the problem is?