Pioneer DVR-3100 playback problems


A couple of years back a kind person gave me an unused DVR-3100 with “white spot” firmware. I didn’t use it much because of it’s lack of RGB in. My workhorse DVDR just died and I’ve put the Pioneer in its place but I’m having a problem with it:

[li]I’ve been recording in the 3100 with TDK 16x -R media and it records and plays back its own discs fine.
[/li][li]If I record a disc on a PC with DVD Decrypter/Shrink on Datawrite Red or the same TDK -R media the Pioneer takes the disc in, says “loading” then says “open” and spits it out after a few seconds.
[/li][li]A Maxell -R disc recorded and finalized on my friends Samsung DVDR/VHS combo also gets spat out.

Pioneer tried to argue that they obey the copy protection consortium rules. I argued that the disc wasn’t being read. They then tried to blame the Maxell problem on my friend using VR mode (which he says he hasn’t.) Their latest thing I’ve been told to try is to reduce the recording speed.

I’m wondering if this could be an issue with book type (I found an article in their knowledge base that says I shouldn’t use 4x DVD-RW media as they are book type 1.2 and the player only supports book type 1.1.)

I would be very grateful of any help you could give me on how to get this thing working.