Pioneer DVR-221W/S21W

Looks like a LG GH24NSD0/1-clone

Have you noticed any difference in performance from the Asus DRW-24D5MT?

I don have this Asus, so no.


If you extract the firmware from this DVR-S21WBK drive, does the firmware contain any of the following strings:

  • NSD0
  • JR23


Basically similar to what I asked kyrcy about the DRW-24D5MT firmware in another thread on here.

Yep, NSD0 and MAX_DTR can be found

Here´s the dump

firmdump.bin (1 MB)

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Thanks for posting this fw.

The presence of these ‘NSD0’ and ‘MAX_DTR’ strings in the fw, suggests this is probably a GH24NSD0/D1 rebadge.

Do you recall what the manufacturing date is ?

January 2018

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