Pioneer DVR 220S - MEDIA WON'T WORK!

I’ve just about reached the end of my rope, trying to find blank, recordable media that works with the DVR 220S. Everything I’ve used, so far, gives me a “Can’t Use” message. I’m not prepared to pitch this unit out the door, since it works great as a player, but I paid those few extra bucks to record.

Buying blank media that doesn’t work is an expensive proposition, but I have to believe there’s a logical solution. Can anyone help???


Another old thread, but can’t leave the question unanswered…

Pioneer DVR-220S is considered to be picky when it comes to recordable media. Second, it only records on -R/RW ([B]So, don’t buy any +R/RW[/B]). Third, it “likes” only good quality media (Verbatim, Fuji, TY, etc.).

Thanks for the reply. It’s a good unit, once you get past its idiosyncrasies.

I guess it’s time to pack up the +R’s and organize a garage sale!