Pioneer DVR-220 or BDR-208

My trusty old Sony Optiarc AD-7241 has been showing symptoms of aging, so I’m now looking for a replacement.
I know that NEC-based Pioneers were among the best DVD-burners ever made, and also excellent for burning “picky player compatible” audio-CDs. I was just wondering, how do currently available Pioneer DVD- and Blu-ray-models (DVR-220 and BDR-208) compare to those legendary “true” Pioneers in terms of DVD and especially CD writing quality? Or how they compare to each other?

Ever since Pioneer went with QSI design (since 118/218), using MediaTek chipsets, their drives have been just “ok.” You may be better off in getting the BDR-208 since the chipsets in their Blu-ray drives have been consistent in using Renesas.

You also try to find the Optiarc 7200S/7201S/7203S drive for DVD and CD burning since they’re pretty good.

Thank you for your reply. I guess finding used Optiarc 720xS would not be a problem, and I’ve seen posts in this forum that say it’s actually better burner than newer 7241S (which I currently have), so it would probably be a safe choice. I don’t know its CD/DVD write quality and media compatibility compares to Pioneer and other new blu-ray drives, but at least it would be a lot cheaper.

The Optiarc 720xS drives used similar NEC chipsets as the Pioneer x16 and x17 series, if that’s any indication. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the info.