Pioneer DVR-218L cannot burn DVD

Hi !

I buy a internal DVD writer for backup purpose, I choose Pioneer because it is my favorit player on my hi-fi system. It does fine for backup … until recently my friend ask a favor to burn a dvd movie, and I think it should be easy. I download Freemake video converter and Ashampoo burner 6.0. When it comes to finishing, they all gives ‘error on recording’ and return the unfinished disc. I get firmware 1.3 for Pioneer DVR-218L, update it … alas, the same message still there.
Here is the log:

8:20:01 PM: Preparation started
8:20:01 PM: Starting track analysis
8:20:02 PM: Track analysis completed successfully
8:20:02 PM: Preparation completed successfully
8:20:04 PM: Recording at 16x in disc at once mode. The recorded DVD will be finalized.
8:20:04 PM: Pre-buffering data…
8:20:08 PM: Prebuffering completed.
8:20:08 PM: Recording DVD
8:20:08 PM: Writing lead-in of session 1
8:20:09 PM: Writing data
8:21:02 PM: Could not write to device
8:24:51 PM: Average write-speed: 0 KB/s or 0x.
8:24:51 PM: DVD recording completed
8:24:51 PM: Recording DVD failed

After I made such bad use of 6 DVD-Rs (E-Blue anti scratch), I run out my discs and try to use DVD-RW (Verbatim)

8:40:00 PM: Preparation started
8:40:00 PM: Starting track analysis
8:40:00 PM: Track analysis completed successfully
8:40:00 PM: Preparation completed successfully
8:40:04 PM: Writing on DVD-RW with write-speed 4x (5540 KB/s)
8:40:05 PM: Formatting DVD …
8:40:40 PM: Formatting completed.
8:40:44 PM: Prebuffering completed.
8:40:44 PM: Recording DVD
8:46:23 PM: Writing track 1 Length: 2,124 MB
8:53:01 PM: Average write-speed: 5464 KB/s or 3.9x.
8:53:01 PM: Writing lead-out
8:53:28 PM: Recording DVD failed

Still same, I am exhausted. Any help please ???

There isn’t much in your logs to work with. If you have saved a copy of the converted video, does it play correctly from the hard drive? If you don’t have a media player that can play dvd-video, try VLC.

I would also suggest getting a free burning program called ImgBurn. Most of us here use this program and we are much more familiar with its log files. To use it, start the program and click Write files/folders to disc. I would set the burning speed to 8x for a first time experiment with the program. ImgBurn will not cause conflicts with other software, so it is safe to use.

If Imgburn fails to burn, click on Help within ImgBurn, then ImgBurn logs… This will show you the location of the log file so you can copy and paste it here in your thread.

We normally recommend Verbatim brand blank dvds. Get the Verbatim disks with AZO on the outside label of the cakebox. These are the good type. Don’t buy Verbatim “Life Series” disks. We also recommend Taiyo Yuden dvds, either as unbranded disks bought online at shops like or you can buy them under the JVC brand.

If you want to try to use the Verbatim DVD-RW disk again, I’d use ImgBurn to do a quick format of the disk before burning it at 4x speed. You can format the disk by clicking Write files/folders to disc–>Tools–>Drive–>Erase Disc–>Quick.
Or you can just click on the little red icon in the main window of ImgBurn. I’m including a picture of that for you.

A logfile from Nero or imgburn could help here very much indeed.