Pioneer DVR-217 - defective drive?

Now, funnily enough, I just received a brand new old stock DVR-217 (1.10 firmware), which seems to be fckd beyond repair out of the box…

Anyway, after connecting it for the first time, I put in a blank DVD(JVC Yuden 16x), which apparantly was recognized, according to ODC(optiDriveControl) at least.

Started up imgburn as usual, picked some random files, and tried to start a normal burn, but… no go.

Check out the picture below.
Some strange message I’ve never seen before, about both ‘speed miscompare’ (wtf?) and even worse ‘positioning error’… ?

And after this very first attempt to do anything with the drive, whenever I now try to put ANY kind of optical disc inside, be it blank, burned, retail music CD even,
the drive refuses to recognize it(‘incompatible’/no disc or files visible in explorer), no matter what. Restarted the PC, dis- re-connected the whole drive, but no dice…:a

Is my drive dead already, or has the pick-up developed issues suddenly ?
Something imgburn did, or… ?
I have tested many drives in the exact same way, so I cannot imagine I did something different and stupid this time around…

Perhaps was banged up in transit (but seemed reasonably well padded, so…) ?

Really annoying this is.
As any attempt at return and refund will be an ebay nightmare.
And I really hoped to buy more of these as well if this one had good burns.



PS: It may be the OPU(read head) is ‘stuck’ ?, as I hear 4-5 ‘motor sounds’ in quick succesion shortly after I close the tray with a disc inside, like an engine revving up, before it suddenly gives up, and after that it is just silence.

But currently I do not want to try to dissect or open the drive, as I have never done such a thing before, and I may try for a refund.

You may need to just commit to the refund/replacement. The write speed miscompare by itself isn’t terribly alarming & could be a cosmetic bug [it has happened before], but the other error is very much abnormal. As you suspect, it very well could mean the OPU isn’t being positioned correctly; whether this means it’s stuck, the OPU motor is broken, or some other issue, I don’t know.