Pioneer DVR-216D



Hello to all. I figured I would post here before I went shopping for a new burner (again). I have a Pioneer DVR-216D about 2 months old and less then 50 DVD burns on it. A few days ago It stopped reading DVD movies. After uninstalling the drive, Reinstalling windows and several other tests its still a no go. It will how ever read DVD game discs and CDs as I used this drive to install Windows XP media center in my testing. I have tried various forms of media and the only thing i cant get it to recognize is the DVD movie and several DVD backups of my MP3s. I have tried about everything and every player but those won’t do any good if the drive itself isnt registering a DVD in it. This is the second drive in 4 months being I was an owner of a Lite on and it stopped working completely in about 2 months. Any suggestions will be helpful as I really hope it can be fixed. I m tired of buying drives that last 2 months and quit on me. Thanks again.