Pioneer DVR 216D Help



Hey all Im back again with another problem. I have a Pioneer DVR 216D which all of a sudden stopped playing DVDs. I have the latest firmware and Im also running this on Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. It Plays Game DVDs Musics CDs But It will not Play Commercial DVDs bought or rented. Anyone have an Idea if maybe I fried this burner to?
Thanks all.


What program were you using to play the dvds?

Try VLC and see if you can play them with it. VLC is self contained and does not rely on outside codecs.


Ok I have tried the VLC player and still nothing. Its funny because this drive will recognize game DVDS and any other CD just not MOvie DVDs. What brought this to my attention was we rented some movies last night for the family to watch.(Dont get into the whole ball droppping thing) and they just would not play. After some investigating I realized not only was it the rentals but also movies I have purchased as well. I tried every format of DVD media I could find and nothing would be reconized by either the drive or windows. When I tried to Explore any type of DVD movie it would show as blank or nothing was there. I really dont understand because Game DVDs run fine and all other CD media runs fine just not the DVD Movies or My MP3 DVD backups. Thanks for all the help. And Happy New Year To All :slight_smile: