Pioneer DVR-216BK and Lite-On iHAS422

In your opinion, which is the best drive between Pioneer DVR-216BK and Lite-On iHAS422? I mean, I know that only lite-on drives are enable to perform quality tests, but I’d like to konw if I can have a better “burning quality” with the pioneer drive.

Thank you

Besides Lite-on, there are other brands that produce drives that are capable of performing quality tests with the most common tools?

The Pioneer will burn better quality DVDs and CDs, and besides LiteOn, most of the recently-made drives are unable to provide proper quality test results. If you can get your hands on older drives like 16x BenQs with Nexperia chipsets or a Plextor with a Sanyo chipset even better since these are regarded as feature-rich drives for scanning optical media.

Thank you. I finally chose the pioneer.