Pioneer DVR-216 for Nero ' Disc Quality Test ' reliable?



hi MyCE members , i am using Nero CD-DVD Speed to do ’ Disc Quality Tests ’

Ive used Taiyo Yuden CD-R’s and burnt 3 at X8 X16 and X32 speeds with my Pioneer DVR-219L burner.

I have run the Disc Quality Test on my other PC for the 3 CD-R’s , the burner in that is a Pioneer DVR-216.

I read while browsing these Forums that Pioneer’s arent reliable for testing , should i get another burner to do Disc Qualiity Tests ?

If so please recommend some brands that are reliable…

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Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

It might easier for you to tell us what options are available to you, if possible.


hi Albert , im not sure what you mean by ’ what options are available to you ’ …buzz me with some more info.

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Say, I go to my local store. They only have 4 or 5 options of optical drives I can purchase. I am asking what the stores have in stock-- what drives would you be able to purchase, what drives are options for you? Or are you planning on purchasing from a website–if so, which one?

I could recommend Optiarc brand optical drives. If they are not an option at any store, then we will have to choose something else.


hi again , roger that…

i plan on buying from a Online Retailer here locally

also i am planning a order from Officeworks soon and they have this in stock


I would say to get the Sony (Optiarc) AD7240S from, except that seems to cost nearly $700. :eek:

The LiteOn from OfficeWorks is great for scanning DVDs. When it comes to scanning CDs, though, scans would not have as much information as the Optiarc or some other drives-- BUT it could still be used.

Also, that LiteOn could be from 3 or 4 different hardware versions. If you got it, you would have to be sure it is an iHAS324 A or an iHAS324 B. If it was an iHAS324 Y, it would actually be an Optiarc, and would be useful. If it was an iHAS324 C, it would be the newest hardware version, and may not be useful for scanning at all.


thanks for your help and detective work Albert :bow:

ive done some google searches for Optiarc burners and it seems they are extinct now is that correct ?

maybe i should look at buying some other Drives that will do a decent job at Scanning , even if i cant find them down here i could probably import from OS.

let me know or maybe a link to current Drives that Scan well both DVD-R and CD-R.

possibly i should consider a Blu-Ray Burner just for Scanning , are any of them good for the task ?

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The Optiarc 7280S should still be available. The 7240S was replaced by the 7260S, then the 7280S came. Hmm. If that’s not available, stick to the LiteOn, or a recent Asus drive (which will be a rebadge). Sony may also sell the Optiarc DVD burners with a different model number.

As far as Blu-ray drives, I believe the primary scanning drives used around here are LiteOn drives and all clones of LiteOn drives (Asus, Sony, etc). See this thread for helpful information:


i googled for Sony Optiarc 7280S and it is really hard to find , i think they might release a new Model in the near future to supersede it ill keep my eye out for it.

Im going to get a Lite-on for now and see how that goes , btw when i get it how do i check if its a iHAS324 A/B/Y or C ?

thanks again for all your help so far you’ve been great :clap:


There is no way to check before purchasing, unfortunately, but the C series is still very new, so you will likely get a B series drive, if not an A.


roger that


Have a look here for drive sources even in the uk: