Pioneer DVR-216 dying?

Hi all

I have problem with Pioneer DVR-216. Bought it on Friday. Used it to read about 15 DVDs (copy files to HDD). Shut down PC. Got up next day and burner wont eject the tray. Green indicator light stays on. Unit not detected in BIOS either. I disconnected it and took it back to the shop. They hooked it up and it works. Tray ejects and can be seen in BIOS. Well I took it back home, connected to PC same story it doesn’t work. I have unplugged everything leaving only bare minimum, tried all cables from PSU and surprise drive works :doh: . Connected everything and drive doesn’t work again. Disconnected everything again drive still no go.

My conf:
Pioneer DVR-216
Asus P5Q Deluxe
Sapphire 4870
1T Seagate HDD

Any suggestions?

Have you got the drive connected to the Intel SATA ports, or the Silicon Image ports on the board?