Pioneer DVR-216/D/R/XL, S16J



Verbatim +R 16x
MCC004 @20x
Burn time: 04:40

Pioneer DVR-116/D/XL, A16FX/J - Results & Discussion



TDK -R 16x(MIJ)
TYG03 @20x
Burn time: 04:43


Maxell -R 16x(Made in Taiwan)
MXL RG04 @20x
Burn time: 05:02


Thanks 2601. Just how many burners have you accumulated now? :eek: Looks like you got another one, iHAS220.


[QUOTE=KTL;2082684]Just how many burners have you accumulated now? [/QUOTE]

More than 60 now:)


lol nice :flower:


I’ll be honest: the high jitter is a turn-off. Hopefully, later firmwares will fix it.

And thanks to 2601 for bringing these scans.


hi dont know if this has been posted but here it goes

when on page 2 click the window on the left to show you scans on different witers benq liteon etc.
A bit more info and the chipset says (NEC MC-10044B) slightly different from the nec 7200s!


TDK -R 16x
TTH02 @20x


That’s +R 16x
YUDEN000T03 @20x
Burn tme: 04:41


Fujifilm -R 16x
ProdiscF02 @20x
Burn time: 04:41


Mitsubishi -R 16x
MCC03RG20 @20x
Burn time: 04:44


Fujifilm +R 16x


Why is the jitter considerably higher than previous Pioneers, [B]2601[/B]? Is it the scanning drive? Does it deliver similar results with your other Pioneers?


HP +R 16x
CMC MAG M01 @16x
Burn time: 05:07



The jitter scans just for quick reference. The iHAS120/220 with LtnFlash v2.5.52 always report higher jitter results. You can see one of the difference at post #16.


Verbatim -R 16x
MCC03RG20 @20x
Burn time: 04:46


Thank you for the explanation, [B]2601[/B]! Much appreciated.

And that MCC03 RG20 burn is simply stellar! :clap:


Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD-R burned at 8x. Note how the BenQ drive didn’t pick up the MID.

My other drives give stellar results with this TYG02 spindle. Let’s hope newer DVR-216 firmware will improve on this.