Pioneer DVR-215BK



I am building a duplicator. I’m using a wytron 899 card for a 11 bay sata system. I will be using it for mostly dvd/cd and some vcd’s. This is the drive recommended to me by the site I am purchasing the case and controller card from. I just need some feedback. Like is this a good reader drive or a good burning drive or both. Also will I be able to burn from a external hard drive.


Excellent burner, one of the very best. Ok reader, but nothing special. For reading, there are better choices like Samsung and LiteOn drives.

But as far as burning is concerned, it doesn’t get much better than this. DVR-115/215s are rather hard to find these days though, since they’ve been replaced by the 116/216. If you can still find them, I’d definitely recommend the DVR-215 (SATA modell), have that drive myself.


is the 216 better than the 215


No. The DVR-216 firmware still needs to mature.

It’s a good choice also, but I’d prefer the DVR-215. But like I said, availability is a problem. If you can still find 215s, buy them. If not, either go for the DVR-216, or the NEC (Optiarc) 72xx series, another very good drive.


agree with everything packetloss said. :slight_smile: