Pioneer DVR-215 = Internal Target Error


I just bought a pioneer DVR-215 SATA writer and keep getting “internal target error” with Nero (v8.3.2.1).

I’m using 1st grade verbatim media (MCC03RG20) and it doesn’t matter what speed I burn at I keep getting this error.

The error seems to be well documented with pioneer drives but there doesn’t seem to be a solution.

Ive tried a number of things which include:

  • Updating motherboard bios (Asus M2N32SLI Deluxe),
  • Updating nforce 590 drivers,
  • Updating dvd drive firmware to v1.18,
  • New SATA cable,
  • Swapping SATA ports,
  • Swapping between DMA modes,
  • Using different burning programs,
  • Changing SATA drivers, and
  • Burning at different speeds.

None of these have helped so any advice would be appreciated.

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I’m not that familiar with latest nVidia mobos but will give it a shot anyway.
You said you tested all SATA connectors, I think there is a SiI3112 controller installed with an internal connector (black?) at top of mobo.
Are all drivers installed, this also for the SiI controller? And bios option for SiI, by default its set to RAID mode I think.

Without knowing your BIOS settings for all SATA controllers/ports and what other opticals/HDD’s you run its almost impossible to advice more.
Read mobos manual, maybe that will guide you further.

The error seems to be well documented with pioneer drives…
Well, I’ve not seen that many posts about this error in our Pioneer forum anyway. :wink:

[I]BTW,[/I] there must be hundreds of members here having the same mobo. Give it some time and I’m sure you’ll get more suggestions.


All the latest drivers are installed for both the nvidia and SI controllers.

I tested the Silicon Image SI3132 sata controller and got the same problem. The bios option for the SI controller is set to SATA instead of RAID.

@ Rambler76,

Suggest performing a Forum Search for postings by Forum Member Brad-Pioneer (Brad Morton/Pioneer Support/Product Specialist/Pioneer Electronics Australia) and note his comments concerning Nvidia and Silicon Image SATA Controller.