Pioneer DVR-215: bad results with Verbatim MCC004

here are three exemplary burns I have done recently with the
Pioneer, followed by three burns with LiteOniHAS624 in comparison.
The Pioneer burns have peaks or “humps” of PI-Errors in the area of 1,5-2,5 GB and more PI-Failures. The LiteOn is rather new, the Pioneer is ca three years old. All burns done at 8X. Do these scans say that it’s time to send the DVR215 into graceful retirement?-thanks

The scans look not nice, but far from “ditch the unit”. Apart from that, your Pioneer is a much better CD writer than the Liteon.


well,same problem with MCC004 in Romania, written with BenQ1640 or Pioneer dvr-215L.
There MCC004 here are crap, or maybe are fakes… or bad batch…
My PC freeze when i put these mcc004 into it… i must force reboot PC… Quality scan is between 50 and 70%…
Stefan i think its romanian like me…
I bought 100 pieses, from these i think that i drop almost 40 of them.
Thank you Verbatim.

I test some mcc004 burned with Pioneer DVR-215L, Some liteon, Samsung sxxx, and Benq 1640 and 1655.

Then, put my gold Plextor 712A at work, this is the result:

6 milions PI errors.

From what i hear, Verbatim media came in Romania from Germany Channels, that mean germans use same crappy media.

the blanks are made in… ?

it doesnt say any country on them, few years ago i see India, China or something.
Now its unknow.

very curious. :confused:
on every verbatim cakebox i have had bought was noted [B][U]made in[/U][/B].
do you have a link of your buying?