Pioneer DVR-212D or LG GSA-H62L?

I am in the market for a new DVD burner and I have come across these two drives. The Pioneer DVR-212D and the LG GSA-H62L? What do you think of them, or which others can you recommend?

The Pioneer has a good rep, don’t know much about LG drives, but their loyal fan base will probably kick in a comment or two.

Another one to look at is the Samsung SH-203B since it appears you are shopping for a SATA burner.


The H62x is a fine drive. Put one in my mum’s machine recently, there’s a quality scan around somewhere that I posted. Very quiet, and an excellent burner with quality media.

I’m also in the market for a Sammy SH-S203B, as Kerry mentioned, majority of reports so far is it’s the “drive to have” :wink:

Regarding the Samsung, there is a thread full of quality scans on the forum if you’re interested in seeing the burn quality.

BTW, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot. I am most likely now getting the Samsung SH-S203B. I have done a fair amount of research on the drive, and overall feedback is great. But are there any flaws with the drive?

Its not free

I have one and it has been running fine for me. Good burns, a little quieter than my Pioneer 111L when burning, and no problems to report. I only use good quality media in it, and right now that means Taiyo Yuden 000 T02 disks.
You may want to look carefully through the tests that have been posted to see if any match your usual media.

Also most Pioneer’s DVR-212 suffer from a CD-R reading/writing defect and don’t support bit-setting. Stick with the Samsung SH-S203B, it seems to be a real catcher.

I have the LG GSA-H62N, the Pioneer DVR-212D, and the Samsung SH-S203B. If you plan on burning Verbatim DVD+R (MCC 004) or Taiyo Yuden media, it’s a no brainer… Get the Samsung. If you intend to burn budget media, the Pioneer DVR-212D is for you. Both burn and read well… The LG burns DVD media about as good as the Samsung, but sucks with CD-R media. It is not the best reader out there either which is a surprise because most LG’s have been good readers and good at CD-R. Additionally, LG is horrible about firmware development of their drives… instead they just put out a new model. I’d look past the LG and consider the Samsung SH-S203B first and then possibly the DVR-212… and if you get the 212, plan on burning DVD-R media for single layer burns. To tell you the truth, if you have the space, get them both.

Great! I’m sold. The Samsung SH-S203B is a keeper. Thanks for your support

You surely will not be disappointed. I have all three of these drives and just ordered and received my second Sam 203B. It is as of now my favorite all around drive. :iagree: