Pioneer DVR-212D DVD Writer

Hello their guys, I am a newbie in here. I was look to by the Pioneer DVR-212D DVD Writer and I was trying to find some reviews on this drive, but I can’t find any. Is this drive new or what.

So if you guys can point me to some reviews, that would be really cool. Also if some of you guys own this drive or have opinions on this drive, can you please share you wise wisdom with me.

I am planning to build a new system and I have chosen these drives to go to the new system. Can you guys also give me your opinion on the other drives please. Thx for all your help.

[B]DVD-Writers - Pioneer DVR-212D DVD/CD writer (SATA)

DVD-Rom Players - Lite-On SHD-16S1S (SATA) DVD-ROM Drive

CD-Writer/DVD-ROM Combo Drives - Lite-On SHC-52S7K (SATA) Drive [/B]

P.S. Fusion

The 212 has not been reviewed as of yet; you can read the review on the 112 and take a look in the thread of scans that have been submitted on the 212. You will find links to both the review and the scans in the Pioneer sub-form here:

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