Pioneer DVR-212BK vs. LiteOn LH-20A1S vs. LG GSA-H62N vs. ASUS DRW-1814BLT


which of them are the best for Burning CDs, DVDs with Protection, Images and so… (Alcohol, Clone )

LiteOn LH-20A1S SATA
LG Electronics GSA-H62N SATA
Pioneer DVR-212BK SATA

Are the other good ones ?

Thanks you

CD burning:

  • Asus 1814 & Pioneer DVR-212

DVD burning

  • Mixed bag, but all of them if you don’t use the highest speeds (LG being probably the most picky with media)


  • I’m not up-to-date, but Asus is a three sheep burner fwiw.

it’s interesting that you recommend pioneer for cd burning since there are a number of reports of those drives losing all cd burning ability after a few months.

Is the Pioneer and the Liteon a 3 Sheep Burner?

Excuse me please;I was reading this thread and would like someone to explain what a 3 Sheep Burner is?Thats’ okay I googled it.

until now, I have only noticed this issue with 112 models, not 212.

wats the best among these for dvd burning ? if u use good TY media media

The one you like most, they all produce good results with TY media.

but the internals are mostly the same, so there’s no reason to believe there would be a difference between SATA and PATA versions of the drive.
edit there are a number of posts on this board of issues with 212 and CD-R as well.

I leave my cd-r burning to cd burner.

Which of them can handle best with Copy Protections ??


Exactly where??? :confused:

The 212 is a TRUE SATA burner.

here’s the thread i was thinking of

although, perhaps you’re right. sounds like a few isolated incidents that were in some cases related to PSU issues. maybe i’ll give pioneer a try afterall.

some reliability concerns though based on reviews at newegg:

Just wanting a quick update here - can anyone speak for support of Pioneer vs that of Liteon, regarding being able to get tech support (and replacements) as well as firmware support? Litescribe looks tasty - but is lightscribe media available worth buying?

Best I found on supermediastore was:

though I should probably check out RIMA as well.