Pioneer DVR-212 vista Problem?

I am running vista ultimate with e6400 & Asus P5W DH Deluxe with a Pioneer DVR-212 & a Pioneer DVR-112. Vista does not recognise the Pioneer DVR-212.It determins that it is a NY0425A LEO055X
Any Sugestions?

You should ask m$ if you haven’t yet.

It just proves to me again that this OS is really crap.

Which SATA is it connected to (Intel or JMicron)?
Also check that the SATA controller is set to [B]Normal[/B] in the BIOS and not RAID operation.

Speaking of the 212, I’m looking at this drive on right now and I don’t know if I should get this or something else. The recent 112 got a great review here so I’m thinking that this might be just as good with the additional benefit of being SATA so I can get rid of one of my IDE cables. Any opinions on the 212 Dee?

Thanks Dee , Relocating the sata cable to the other port & away she went!

you can whing about quite a few things in vista but this claim is idiotic at best

If you really would know m$ OS’ like Vi$ta you would agree with what I wrote.


Agreed, Vista [I]may[/I] become usable around SP1 and as driver support and development improves. Until then I am sticking with XP Pro SP2. There are many reasons not to upgrade for me and most revolve around the products I use do not yet support Vista. I have a DVR-212D now and so far I like it… on XP :slight_smile:

Hi, I’ve just fitted a Pioneer DVR-212 in my system.
P5W DH Deluxe mobo (2004 BIOS) with 3 SATA HDDs on SATA 1, SATA 3 & SATA 4.
I’ve connected the SATA burner to the JMicron SATA connector by the PCIe slot. (I have the JMicron controller set to “Basic” in the BIOS.)
The burner is recognized by the BIOS, but doesn’t show up at all in Vista Ultimate 32.
Appreciate any suggestions (other than to ditch Vista!)

Find updated JMicron drivers or firmware.

A couple more restarts (for unrelated reasons), and now the drive is visible in Vista, and in Nero 7. Haven’t updated the firmware yet (still on 1.09 as delivered) I have 1.21 ready to install, but will try a burn prior.
Thanks for the suggestions re firmware and drivers.

Vista is fine. I have the DVR-212 on my EVGA 680i motherboard and Vista is thrilled to have it. I have not found any issues in Vista that are Microsoft’s fault, just lazy hardware vendors. All of my hardware works just fine.