PIONEER DVR-212 - Post your scans here



That’s -R 16x
TYG03 @18x
Burn Time: 05:11


ooooh, the Sata based 112. Do you have any pics of this drive? I am curious to know what the connections at the back look like, does it take legacy 4 pin molex for power or newer sata power?


Damn, I can’t even get 112 and you got 212. I’m quite envious


I doubt it’s different than the other SATA drives available.


Mitsubishi +R 16x
MCC004 @18x
Burn time: 05:10


Mitsubishi -R 16x
MCC03RG20 @18x
Burn time: 05:12


The DVR-212 is a native SATA Drive and uses NEC MC-10042 chipset.


TDK +R 16x
TDK003 @12x
Burn time: 07:00


SONY +R 16x(MIJ)
SONYD21 @18x
Burn time: 05:12


sorry to be a pain but can you let me know whether the power connector on the back of the unit is sata power, 4 pin legacy molex or both? Do you have a pic of the back of the unit?



He posted already in this tread. Only SATA power.


crap, im very sorry, I missed that post. Too bad on sata power only. Thanks.


No problem, dude.


Adapters are easily available.


Are you joking? You can simply take an adaptor!


woah wait a minute here, please don’t kill me over my response. Going SATA over IDE has absolutely no advantages in terms of performance and certainly not compatibility especially over finicky sata based chipsets when it comes to ‘sata’ optical drives. The ONLY advantage I see to a sata based optical drives is of course future proof due to the elimination of the IDE ports on newer boards, but more importantly the use of that smaller, thinner cable which takes up less room in your case, is easier to hide away and of thus aids on better airflow in your case over using IDE cables, even rounded ones. To me the idea of using an adapter just makes getting a sata based drive less attractive due to their now being yet another cable in the case to tuck away/add more clutter which negates the positive reason of getting a sata based drive. Yes most new psus have 4+ sata power cables but if all are going to hard drives or are routed to a different part of the case meaning they don’t reach your front 5.25" drives makes it a hassle. Yes I may be nitpicking but I do feel justified in my reasoning.


You will get no argument from me over the problems with SATA optical drives. And I see your point about additional cables. My solution for future elimination of IDE is to get an add-in card that works with optical. At least then I am OK until they dump PCI.


Sounds like an excellent idea, but unfortunately, it has not worked in practice for me. I have a Gigabyte DS3 motherboard with an E6300 cpu. There is only one IDE connector (two IDE devices) on this motherboard. If I plug in a PCI IDE controller with a Silicon Image chipset, the motherboard will not boot – it posts, but will never start the boot. It will boot with a Promise IDE card, but we all know that Promise does not handle optical drives, only hard drives.

I have tried three different Silicon Image cards with the same results. On one of them, I had even blanked the BIOS.

I have a Liteon 16A7S SATA, and it is working perfectly. When the Pioneer 212 becomes available here in the States, I intend to purchase one and try it out.

ON EDIT: On rereading this post, I see the need for clarification. The setup is booting from a SATA hard drive. I insert a PCI card with a Silicon Image chipset (no drive attached), and power up. The motherboard posts, but never starts to look for a boot device (CD, hard drive, anything). It just hangs on the POST screen.


:frowning: Like you I tried using a Silicon Image chipset pci controller card which would just hang at post. I have a mobo as well that has only 1 ide controller. I bought a ITE chipset pci controller card to use with 2 other dvd burners so my pc could have a total of 4 dvd burners. It works well with no problems reading/writing with the 2 dvd burners that are attached to it. I read somewhere on the net that the ITE chipsets were better for optical drives. :bigsmile:

Hoping the Pioneer DVR-212 will become available in the USA soon. :smiley:


has anyone tried sata optical drives on native sata chipsets found integrated on motherboards? Intel, Nvidia or even Silicon Image that aren’t add in cards?