Pioneer DVR-212 or Plextor PX-810SA?

Hey guys!

I decided to buy another burner. I already use my Plextor PX-760SA and want an additional drive.

Which one should i prefer?
Pioneer DVR-212 or Plextor PX-810SA?

I know, that the PX-810SA is a relabeled DVR-212. The price of the drive doesn’t matter.

Maybe there are other advantages or disadvantages(Pioneer: better Firmware support?, Plextor: better warranty und rma?)?

I hope someone can help me!

Thanks in advance!

Or should I consider getting a different SATA-burner?

I’ve got a Pioneer DVR-212D (US Model) as well as a LG GSA-H62N and Plextor PX-755SA… If you are doing CD burns and favor DVD-R media, get the Pioneer, if you favor DVD+R and don’t do many CD-R’s, get the LG…

I’m not giving Plextor a dime for re badged drives that I can get for a fraction of the cost… Plus Pioneer does a great job on firmware development… Doubt Plextor will do the same, they will just rely on one level behind Pioneer versions.

Thanks for the advice!

I thought, the LG has some quality issues burning cds (review). I prefer burning DVD+R and CDs. If there is any way to get bitsetting work for DVD+R/RW without losing the burn quality, please let me know… because then i would take the Pioneer 212.

Thanks in advance!