Pioneer DVR-212 in UK

Does anyone know where all the 212s have gone? It seems impossible to get them in UK. Is it the same in other countries? I’ve been waiting for my drive for like a month now and still nothing. Is it worth waiting at all or did they stop shipping the drives to UK and I should buy a different one?

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I bought mine off ebay. Pretty much the only place I could find one.

Have been checking ebay as well. Nothing, really. There were 2 available in US (D versions with no RAM support) and one in Australia. :sad:

Also rarely available in Germany.
Expected within the next 2 weeks.

I was told the same about a month ago by several retailers… and… the drive is still not available. You literally can’t get it anywhere in UK.
This sucks 'cause it looks like such a nice drive. Anyway, I was a bit fed up with waiting (I probably wouldn’t mind if I knew when they gonna be available) so decided to go for LiteOn. LH 20A1S is coming tomorrow.
And I bet that Pioneer will start shipping the drives tomorrow… or Monday at the latest - it’s always like that :smiley:

You could have looked for the Plextor PX-810SA as well, it’s a Pioneer rebadge I believe. :slight_smile:

Is it really? I was sure that Plextor 800 series were rebadged NEC/Sonys/Optiarc - whatever. I think I read it somewhere at the cdfreaks forums. The other thing is that Plextor would be probably twice as expensive as Pioneer. I wasn’t that desperate.

Many people seem to have missed this and think the 810SA is an Optiarc like the 800A:

Retail version is listed at €65/£44/$87 here in Belgium, so nothing unsurmountable I’d say. Haven’t seen them in stock yet though.

it’s out of stock, but you could email steve there and ask if their getting any back in

This guy is selling the D version (86 available at time of writing). That’s what I ended up getting. RAM reading is included, just not writing. Hopefully it will be possible to crossflash to 212 at some point.

Rarely? Absolutey NOT available as well would be the appropriate phrase :wink:

“wait 2 weeks” they said 2 weeks ago, 4 weeks ago, 8 weeks ago …

LOL, who told you that?

Surely I have other sources. :smiley:

This site in Aust has 7 in stock, 2 beige and 5 black on 13/06/2007
Though whether they will ship to the UK is unknown,
at least us Aussies have a decent supply.


There are two type of Pioneer DVR,namely DVR-212k and DVR 212CH available in Shanghai,which do you prefer? :cool:

There ARE none :slight_smile:

You have no idea. :bigsmile:

And you won’t tell shops, because there are none :).

Please stop this nonsense and read the thread title again, carefully.

And maybe you’ll post some shops, otherwise you’re a liar :slight_smile:

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