Pioneer DVR-212 <--> Buffalo DVSM-X1218FBS?

Now that we have a Buffalo FW for Pioneer 212 drives as well, is there a way to flash a Pioneer 212 with the Buffalo FW?

How about flashing back to a Pioneer 212 FW from the Buffalo FW?

Koba’s updated pack does not seem to include support for the 212 yet …

By the way, do the Pioneer 212 have Axx versions as well, or these only exist for Pioneer 112 drive models?


212 is SATA so equivalent retail version should be the S (not A) series,

The Dangerous Brothers haven’t yet released firmware v8.21 for the Buffalo DVSM-X12FBS (Pioneer DVR-212).

Some of us are waiting patiently for TDB to deliver the goodness…bitsetting on +R = must have

It’s sad that you keep on posting the same message again and again. :iagree:

can i use MSCE to crossflash on the 212? (with the 212 firmwares of course)