Pioneer dvr-212 another vista problem :/

Did anybody installed that that dvd-burner on Windows Vista u32 ?
My vista act strange with that recorder cuz it detect pioneer dvr-212 as
“another devices”. (In bios and windows xp everything is ok)

My mainboard is msi k9n ultra (nf570)

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:


Sry for my english xD

normal for it to be shown as a SCSI device, as its connected via sata

Maybe iv explained that wrong.
Because that strange detection i cant use it in vista :/. I dont see it in my pc, and burning programs also dont detect it. :a:sad:

PumaUK your right about its name ^^ but it should be added to disk stations cd/dvd not to some “other (unknown?) devices”

You’re right; it should be shown there.

If you double click on the drive while in device manager, what error does it give you?

And how is it setup in the BIOS with which settings?

Likely a hardware compatibility issue, not the first time it comes up here for your combination of burner and mobo. About the only thing you can do is try different SATA driver versions (Microsoft and nVidia).