Pioneer DVR-118L

I have Windows XP Pro, Intel Pentium 4, CPU 3.8 GHz, with all the updates.
I bought a Pioneer DVR-118L, It’s hooked up to The Second IDE Slot, and pinned Master. The No.1 slot is hooked up to Hard Drive, and pinned to Master.
When I try to record a CD, it reboots it’s self.
What can I try next.

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Can you try to change cables? A faulty cable could cause this sort of things :slight_smile:

Another possible cause could be a buggy burning software. Did you try to install latest patches?

Do you get any error messages? Look in Administrative Tools -->Event Viewer.

You could try setting the Pioneer as a Slave drive on either the Primary or Secondary IDE channel, but it would normally be better as you have it now.